Monday, May 13, 2013

Car and Driving Safety Tips

  • Do not text or use your cellular phone when you are driving. Avoid answering phone calls and keep your phone away from your hand and concentration when behind the wheel. A lot of accidents are caused by interrupted road concentration caused by texting or being on the cellular phone.
  • Buckle up children. Children fighting or climbing around in your car no matter how spacious your car is can be very dangerous. Always instruct kids to buckle up when inside a vehicle.

Avoid driving when you are overly tired or intoxicated. Falling asleep at the wheel is disastrous to you, your passengers and to other drivers. We all know that drinking and driving is illegal, very dangerous and causes accidents. Similarly, some medications can cause drowsiness and delayed reaction time, so be cautious of what you take into your system before you drive a car.

Change lanes carefully. Use turn signals, look before you change lanes, and do not cut off other vehicles. Being polite is safe driving.

Know your car. Make sure you properly maintained your car. This means regular oil changes, brake jobs and keeping your windows clean so you have good visibility while you drive your vehicle. Take a look at your tires once in a while to see if you have picked up a nail. Look at the sidewalls to ensure you have not injured a tire by striking a curb. The sidewalls of a tire are not nearly as strong as the tread, and an injury to the sidewall can lead to a tire blow out. Know your car.